• Current economic and environmental conditions have created a unique situation for advisors. The demand for financial advice has skyrocketed over the past two years. At the same time, the pandemic and […]

  • This blog post is part of a series highlighting Key Management Group team members.

    A self-described woman of service, Dawn Rem has been serving our clients with great care and attention since 2007. Like many of our team members, Dawn began her career with KMG in our Client Meeting Prep department. […]

  • As a practice leader there are plenty of things screaming for your attention. Fluctuating markets cause a flood of worried calls and emails to come in from clients. A staff member puts in their notice, and you have two weeks to find a replacement. A pandemic hits, forcing you to shift to remote work and […]

  • As all sectors of the economy struggle to find and retain talent, advisors are looking at ways to stay ahead of the great resignation trend and keep their staff on board. Many factors are leading employees to resign in record numbers. For the most part, the financial advisor industry has stayed ahead of the curve, […]

  • Identifying and integrating a set of core values into your practice can help you stay centered and create growth in your team. Recognizing your values also helps to define your firm and determine the ideal client you want to model for the practice. This will give your team a firm set of principles to help […]

  • Your financial advisor practice is growing, and to keep growing you know you need help. Many advisors who reach this point believe the next move is to hire an AFA. Unfortunately, this is one area where many advisors make their biggest– and most costly–mistakes. Before pulling the AFA trigger, ask yourself these questions.

    Are You […]

  • Many advisors venture out on their own in order to grow a vibrant book of business. As the client roster grows, the need to bring on more help to manage clients also grows. But the skills that make you a great financial advisor do not make you a great practice leader. To effectively transition from […]

  • Your practice will go through many stages of development as you start, grow, and eventually leave the business. In order to successfully develop your practice along the way, it’s important to know where to focus your efforts and what your practice should look like in each stage.

    Typically, a financial practice will go through four stages […]