Eric LeJeune

Practice Management

Executive Coach

Ph: 650.272.6157

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Eric has worked with hundreds of individuals and teams across the country as a teacher, trainer, mentor, consultant, and coach. As an executive coach with KMG, he works with advisors and their teams, helping them to grow their businesses by addressing the practical, psychological, and human elements of performance, leadership, and business strategy. Eric began his career as an Ameriprise financial advisor, ultimately selling his practice in 2005 to focus exclusively on helping other advisors grow. Eric draws upon his experience as both an advisor, corporate leader, and coach to transform how leaders and teams interact with each other and with clients. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in education and an MA from Loyola University of Chicago in spiritual direction which contributes to and shapes his unique style of working with clients. In 2015, Eric moved from Chicago to the west coast of Michigan to spend more time exploring the forests and trails and natural beauty that Michigan has to offer.

We understand that each practice is unique. Advisors have different preferences and personalities - some advisors need an accountability partner, while others need a systems expert. Some advisors just want someone who they can bounce ideas off of, while other advisors want someone to come in and completely manage their day-to-day operation. That is why we have coaches from all different backgrounds representing a broad array of coaching styles and of expertise including: personnel management, business strategy, financial plan operations, technology, acquisitions and mergers, and more.

At the Core of Each Service is a Relationship Built On Trust

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