Brett Macauley, CRPC®

Practice Management

Executive Coach 

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Brett Macauley graduated from the University of California in 1987. Brett joined the financial services industry in 1993 with IDS Financial Services. In 1995 he became a District Manager. Brett left and went to work for Prudential Financial Planning in 1998 as a Managing Director where he developed a financial advisory office from ground up. In 2003, as a Field Vice President with Ameriprise Financial, he opened and established the only new P1 office in the country in Redwood Shores, CA. Over these 9 years as a field leader he helped successfully train over 100 advisors.

In January 2004, he started an independent financial advisory practice from scratch with which grew to a Private Wealth Advisory practice with a strong 98% client satisfaction score with Ameriprise Financial. The business generates over $1,000,000 in annual revenue and managed over $100,000,000 in assets under management. In 2016 Brett received his Diamond Ring from Ameriprise Financial. In addition to running his practice, in 2010 he began to coach independent financial advisors as a Franchise Consultant with a strong focus on the execution of a comprehensive business plan and developing strategic alliances.

Brett recently sold his Private Wealth Advisor practice and merged his coaching business with Key Management Group. The affiliation with Key Management Group was formed with the intention to expand the breadth of services to his advisors and continue to grow his coaching expertise. Brett has a strong desire to help more financial advisors build their financial advisory business so that they can live and achieve their life dreams and goals.

Brett has lived the San Francisco Bay Area since 1969 and currently lives and works in Palo Alto, CA

We understand that each practice is unique. Advisors have different preferences and personalities - some advisors need an accountability partner, while others need a systems expert. Some advisors just want someone who they can bounce ideas off of, while other advisors want someone to come in and completely manage their day-to-day operation. That is why we have coaches from all different backgrounds representing a broad array of coaching styles and of expertise including: personnel management, business strategy, financial plan operations, technology, acquisitions and mergers, and more.

At the Core of Each Service is a Relationship Built On Trust

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