Human Resources Assessment


If you are an advisor who has recently hired an Associate Financial Advisor or other support staff, we strongly recommend that you have an HR Assessment completed to ensure that your practice is in compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, you will be confident that you are following protocol and best practices as an employer.

Our HR Experts can fill the void for financial advisory practices who are not quite confident in all of the HR requirements. We complete a detailed end-to-end assessment of your HR situation and provide detailed, actionable advice for how to bring your practice into compliance, as well as strategies for finding, onboarding, compensating, incentivising the right types of talent that you need to move your practice forward.


Service Overview

As an advisor's practice grows, so does his/her staffing needs. Most advisors hire an Associate Financial Advisor or other support staff as their practices grow to help provide better service to their clients.

Handling HR requires specialized expertise and knowledge of state and federal laws that govern employment. Failing to adhere to these rules can leave the advisor vulnerable to a number of issues and complications - including fines, penalties, lawsuits, and/or complaints. It has been shown that in addition to mitigating risk, following appropriate HR practices helps to promote team morale, transparency, and incentives for employees to work harder.

Most advisor make the risky decision of handing HR issues on their own. They hire, screen, compensate, promote, and terminate employees as needed. But are they doing it correctly? Are they identifying and hiring the right talent? Are their compensation packages on par with their counterparts? Are they complying with national and state laws that govern employment? Are their systems and files in compliance with HR rules?

Become confident in your Human Resources decisions.

Our Comprehensive HR Assessment can be used for a number of purposes:

• Helping you set up an Associate or Junior Financial Advisor correctly
• Ensuring your employee records are compliant with national and state laws
• Incentivising employees appropriately
• Maintaining records in accordance with regulations
• Protecting your practice against allegations of wrongdoing
• Improving morale of your employees
• Making your HR systems scalable for growth

In addition to our overall HR assessment, we offer special HR services including:

• Recruiting
• Orientation & Onboarding
• Policy Manual and Employee Manual
• Employee Benefits, Compensation & Incentive Structure
• Employee Relations
• Terminations and Off-boarding
• Performance Reviews

To inquire about these other services, click here to contact us.

Key Areas Addressed

  • Business Management
  • Team Management

Services Provided

We conduct a full 360-review of your Human Resources practices based upon your state laws and federal laws governing employment. We provide you with a written analysis as well as a phone consultation to review your results, make specific, actionable recommendations, and answer any questions that you may have.

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and HR Expert

Service Duration

Recommended frequency is one time annually

Meeting: 60-Minute Phone Consultation

Expected Outcomes

Advisors will be given specific recommendations to bring their HR practice into compliance with state and federal laws.

If the advisor has an Associate Financial Advisor or junior advisor, the compensation structure will be reviewed for compliance as specific recommendations for the advisor's situation.

Our Complete HR Assessment provides:

•Review of Employee Handbook and Policy Manuals
•Review of PTO procedures
•Review of Performance Management Structure
•Review of Job Descriptions
•Review of Record Keeping Systems
•Review of Training
•Review of Compensation Structure
•Review of Recruiting Process
•Review of Entry Process
•Review of Exit/Termination Process

Each Comprehensive HR Assessment includes a 60-minute consultation to discuss the outcome of the assessment and specific, actionable recommendations to bring your practice into compliance.

Following the Comprehensive HR Assessment, an advisor should be able to make clear decisions and take action to solidify their HR practices. If the advisor requires help with specific aspects of their HR program, recommendations will be made for next-steps along with quotes for any relevant work.

How to Purchase This Service

Comprehensive HR Assessment: $795