Creating a Foundation for Success

For Every Team Member

You need team members fully trained and functioning quickly so you can stay focused on meeting client needs and on key practice initiatives. It’s tough to find the time to successfully train new employees. The truth is, you can’t afford not to.

The First 60 Days

Start Off On The Right Foot

The first 60 days of a new employee’s tenure is critical to ensuring engagement and commitment to the practice. It’s also critical to ensuring the new employee is able to fully step into their new role and deliver the value promised. That’s where we come in.

Our team of experienced trainers help bridge the gap, letting you and your team focus on serving the client while we get your new employee trained and confidently delivering in their new role. With two options to choose from, you get the comprehensive training and support you need.

Two Options To Choose From

Standard Training Package

A tailored onboarding and training service that includes:

  • 1:1 Training Meetings with a Training Specialist with sharp skill set in the applicable Ameriprise tools and software

  • Training Progress Meetings between the Manager of the New Hire and the KMG Training Specialist to discuss new hire progress and any challenges/concerns

  • Ameriprise Learning Experience (Degreed) curriculum of learning pathways that we have customized for new employees of an Ameriprise practice

  • Program of Content that touches on the foundational tools that an Ameriprise new hire needs to be successful

  • Model week to begin week 5 that provides definition in the day-to-day routine/expectations of the new hire, created with the new hire in week 4

Expanded Training Package

Includes the items covered in the Standard Training Package plus the below content:

  • 3 additional Training Meetings with KMG Training Specialist

  • 90 Day Review Assistance

    • Gather data/material for 90 Day Review Meeting
    • 1 meeting between KMG Training Specialist and Manager to prepare for 90 Day Review Meeting
    • 90 Day Review meeting with KMG Training Specialist, New Hire, and Manager
    • 90 Day Review deliverable document
  • Recommendations for ongoing professional development of New Hire

  • KMG Training Specialist to provide a final version of the Roles & Responsibilities document as well as Model Week for the New Hire (beyond their 90 days)

KMG’s Training Specialists follow the DOC (Demonstrate, Observe, Confirm) training method to ensure your new hire is retaining the knowledge they are being trained on throughout the program.

Want Your New Hires Up And Running Quickly?

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