A Dynamic Hiring Process To Find The Best Fit Employees

All While Saving You Time and Money

Whether you’re looking to grow or trying to replace an employee whose left, we help you quickly fill gaps in your team by finding you the best, most qualified candidates. Our skilled recruiters are actively engaged in the industry, allowing them to stay current with the changing needs of advisors and their teams while building a robust network of industry professionals to draw upon for finding high-quality candidates.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Recruiting

Leave It To The Pros

We take the guesswork out of recruiting by providing you with:

  • A streamlined process for sourcing, screening, and vetting qualified candidates quickly

  • Current insider data on salary and benefits and applicant expectations

  • Proven strategies and tactics for soliciting top-level applicants from across the industry

  • Professional recruiters to handle the initial posting and screening so you only interview the most qualified, best fit candidates for the role and your practice

Our Process

Our hands-on, detailed process ensures that only the most qualified candidates make it to your desk for a final interview.

Step 1


We conduct a needs assessment to determine what skills and qualities are needed in a candidate and design a job description and postings to match.

Step 2

Screen and Review

We review all interested candidates as well as utilize LinkedIn and referral sources to identify additional potential recruits with the right skills and experience.

Step 3


We provide a small pool of candidates that have been thoroughly vetted and scrutinized for the right skills, cultural fit, and professional background.

“KMG has been instrumental in our recruiting and hiring strategy. As busy advisors/ leaders of a large team we don’t have the time to source candidates or give the attention needed to sifting through resumes and hold initial screening calls. KMG does all of this for us and selects the best candidates for us to interview based on the needs of our firm. They take the time to understand what specifically we are looking for in order to find the best fit. We are very pleased with the work they do for us and will continue to engage with their team for our hiring needs going forward.”

-Adam Strickland

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