Support For Every Step Of An Advisor’s Career Path

As advisors grow their practices, their roles change. We have identified four distinct phases that most practices go through: Solo Advisor, Advisors with Support, Team Practices, and Transitioning. In each stage, advisors face unique business challenges that require different skillsets to breakthrough to the next phase.

At Key Management Group, we focus on the tools, systems, and expertise needed in each phase to help advisors overcome hurdles and get to the next level while honoring the uniqueness of their practice.

Start Here

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Solo Advisor

As a new advisor you can quickly hit your capacity. You’ll need to work smarter to grow. We can help provide time, focus, and direction to those ready to move to the next level.

Advisor with Support

At this stage you move from being a sole practitioner into the role of employer. We help you effectively organize, delegate, and communicate job responsibilities to your employees.

Team Practice

Your business is no longer just you, but rather the collective efforts of many. We help you learn how to lead and hold your team accountable to a shared vision.

Transitioning Advisor

You have had a wonderful career with strong client relationships – but now it is time to think about what is next. We help you with every step of the succession process, from planning to transitioning.