Managing A Team

Means Being A Leader And Learning To Delegate

In this stage, you are no longer a sole practitioner – you are an employer. Whether you have one staff person or several, you must learn to effectively organize, delegate, and communicate job responsibilities to your employees.

What You Should Focus On


Are you letting go of tasks to free up your time?


Have you filled the roles with the right people?


Is your practice efficient and scalable?


Have you protected your practice from the unknown?

Services For Advisors With Support Staff


You’ve got a lot on your plate. Your focus should be on the client relationship, not on pulling reports and data entry. Outsourcing your financial planning and client prep allows you to focus your efforts and your internal resources toward other high value tasks while tapping into the experience and skills of a full service advice team.


Whether you’re looking to grow or trying to replace an employee who’s left, we help you quickly fill gaps in your team by finding you the best, most qualified candidates. We help you determine what you need, pre-vet candidates, and guide you through to selecting the best candidate.


When it comes to onboarding new team members and teaching them the skills they need to succeed, most advisors don’t have the processes, time, or know-how to successfully train and engage new staff. With two levels of service, we ensure that your new employee is up and running quickly so you can keep your practice running smoothly.

Leadership Development

Develop the skills and systems to allow you to transition from practitioner to CEO of your practice. Receive coaching aligned to your needs and designed to help you gain clarity and momentum in your practice.

Client Experience

Clients are the life blood of a practice. That’s why it’s critical that you deliver a quality client experience for every client, every time. To achieve that you need reliable processes, and a team who knows what to do and how to do it.

Business Management

As your practice grows, you need to develop the skills and processes to manage the financial, legal, planning, and continuity aspects of your business with precision and ease.

Team Management

The success of your practice relies on a strong team of professionals working together to meet a common goal – serving the client. To achieve that, you need to ensure that you are leveraging the strengths of each member of your team while creating a path for them to grow.

Business Valuations

Know exactly what your practice is worth and what you need to do to drive practice value with our award-winning Advisor Legacy valuation.

Continuity Planning

Continuity Planning is one of the most important yet avoided exercises in our industry. We have removed the pain so you can remove the risk. Protect your practice, your heirs, and your clients from an unknown future.

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