Building A Brand

While Shifting From Practitioner To CEO

You have built a robust team of professionals. Your business is no longer just you, but rather the collective efforts of many. In this stage of your business development, you are spending more and more time in the executive role. Your job as a Financial Advisor must be carefully balanced with your role as the CEO. As CEO, you realize that clients are no longer interacting with only you, but they are have multiple touch points within your practice. You are not just building a book – you are building a brand and an asset.

What You Should Focus On


How are you balancing your time between advisor and CEO roles?


Do you have the right people in the right roles?


Is your practice scalable and primed for growth?


Will your business survive without you?

Services For Team Practices


You’ve got a lot on your plate. Your focus should be on the client relationship, not on pulling reports and data entry. Outsourcing your financial planning and client prep allows you to focus your efforts and your internal resources toward other high value tasks while tapping into the experience and skills of a full service advice team.

Practice Management

We provide a diverse and comprehensive array of practice management solutions to help you develop and improve on the key aspects of your practice that impact performance, profitability, and growth. Instead of looking at all the things you could do, we help you focus on the few things you should do to meet your most important goals.

Acquisition & Succession Consulting

To serve the acquisition and succession needs of advisors, we launched Advisor Legacy, a comprehensive platform helping advisors manage practice equity, engage in M&A transactions, and plan for their succession. Our team of experienced M&A consultants bring over 150 years of combined experience in advisor M&A.

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