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One of the biggest mistakes advisors make is waiting until they’re facing a sale to conduct a valuation – leaving no time to impact the value. Valuations are also vital tools for making strategic decisions about your business.

Award-Winning Valuations Recognized By Industry Leaders

Make Better Informed Decisions

Your financial planning practice is likely your largest asset; understanding its potential value is critical to making smart business decisions. Our valuation services have helped hundreds of financial advisors become more strategic about their time, business investments, and future plans.

Business Valuations can be used to:

  • Make decisions about the make-up of your client base
  • Chart the value of your practice years before a sale
  • Find opportunities to make your business better
  • Facilitate succession planning discussions
  • Acquire practices
  • Secure bank lending

Don’t wait until you’re looking to buy or sell, get a read today on what your firm is worth – and what it could be worth.

Understand What Drives Value

Our thorough valuation services provide the insight you need to understand the factors that drive the value of your practice, and more importantly, how to change it. Your comprehensive report will include dual valuation methods showing the fair market value of your practice, what will drive your value up or down and how you stack up against comparable practices.

Specialty Valuations

We offer specialty valuations for:

  • Branches and OSJs
  • Accounting & CPA Practices
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Multiple and separate entities (e.g. advising, tax, insurance)
  • Partnership Equity Agreements

To learn about these and other specialty valuations, contact us today.

Sample Report

Click on the image above to browse through what is included in our report. An M&A Expert will go through your individualized valuation, explaining where the numbers came from and how key variables can impact the value of your practice.

Getting Started is Easy

While other consultants take many hours to complete a valuation intake, our proven process starts with just a few reports. Within a week you’ll have a written valuation with personalized, actionable steps you can take to maximize your practice value. Our M&A experts walk you through the report, answer your questions and arm you with a full understanding of value drivers in the marketplace.

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Our data collection process is straight-forward and easy. We provide step-by-step instructions.

Schedule Review

One of our relationship managers will contact you to schedule your personalized valuation review meeting.

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You get a 60-minute 1:1 meeting to discuss your practice in depth and review the variables impacting its value.

Gain Insights

Your detailed valuations report arms you with insights to help you make decisions about your practice!

“Not only is their pricing fair, but they are in my opinion, the superior and best option when it comes to the other resources/companies we have to choose from. Their professionalism and responsiveness is world class.”

-Ivy Peterson

What You Get

  • Practice Valuation

    Our award-winning practice valuation conducted by seasoned M&A experts. Includes key industry benchmarks, client segmentation analysis, and our MaxVal PredictorTM tool.

  • Consultation

    Findings are delivered by a Valuation expert during a 45-minute call.

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*Ameriprise Advisors, as well as other select Broker Dealer affiliated advisors receive special partner pricing. 

For Bank Underwriters

For bank underwriters who are ordering a financial advisory business valuation or CPA valuation for their clients, we offer discounted pricing and special data collection processes. Please use the links below.