Drive Client and Prospect Engagement

With Our CRM Training Service

Communication is a critical component of the client experience, yet most advisors aren’t fully leveraging CRM to deliver consistent, quality interactions with clients and prospects. Our training service ensures that you are maximizing this tool to its full benefit.

CRM Lets You Do So Much More

Stay Top of Mind with Existing Clients

When surveyed, most clients wish they heard from their advisor more often. CRM lets you easily stay in contact with your clients and stay on top of important dates.

Engage with Prospects and Convert Them to Clients

It takes on average 7-14 touch points for a prospect to become a client. CRM lets you schedule regular emails and phone calls, helping turn more prospects into clients.

Track Important Tasks and Measure Results

CRM lets you track important metrics, ensuring your team stays on target. Reports and dashboards allow you to quickly see where your practice stands.

Turnkey CRM Training and Customized Approach

Our CRM Training service helps you and your team quickly transition and scale the use of CRM in your practice. We only work with Ameriprise advisors, which allows us to stay up-to-date on all of the features and protocols related to your specific CRM. We don’t try to force you into a box. Instead we customize our solutions to match the size of your practice and your specific goals.

What We Teach You

  • How to build campaigns around the Client Service Model

  • How to assign and manage tasks

  • How to track opportunities and client meeting outcomes

  • How to define roles and workflows

  • How to migrate from existing tools to CRM

  • How to build dashboards and reports

Ready To Maximize Your Use of CRM?

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