Ensuring Your Clients Are Cared For

While Meeting Your Personal And Financial Goals

You have had a wonderful career with strong client relationships – but now it is time to think about what is next. The sooner you begin planning your exit, the smoother it will go. Whether you have already picked a successor or if you are just starting to plan your retirement, we can help.

What You Should Focus On


What is your exit timeline?


What attributes are most important for your successor to take care of your clients?


How will you sell your practice? Internally? Externally?

Post Sale

Do you plan to stay on after the practice sale?

Services For Transitioning Advisors

Your one-stop partner for a secure legacy

Acquisitions and Successions are significant events for a practice. To best meet the needs of advisors, we launched Advisor Legacy to help advisors manage practice equity, find and execute deals, and to plan for a succession that achieves both your personal and financial goals.

Our team of consultants, accountants, financing partners, and legal experts address every stage : from planning to the actual transaction and exchange of funds. We provide expert consulting and personal support to get you the full value of your business and ensure that your clients are taken care of in your absence.

Learn more about our full range of services at advisorlegacy.com.

Business Valuations

What is your practice worth? We have the most pain-free valuation process in the industry. You get more than numbers – our experts provide personalized insights and strategic, actionable advice. Empower your decision-making.

Deal Support

Do you need help working through a deal? We provide financial, legal, and logistical advice to both buyers and sellers who are working together. We negotiate and finalize the terms to carry the transaction across the finish line.

Continuity Planning

Continuity Planning is one of the most important yet avoided exercises in our industry. We have removed the pain so you can remove the risk. Protect your practice, your heirs, and your clients from an unknown future.

M&A Consulting

Need help or advice working through a acquisition or succession strategy? We can help. We offer non-biased consulting for both buyers and sellers, as well as consulting for setting up internal successions and AFA buyouts. You don’t know what you don’t know until it is too late – we can make sure you cover all of your bases.

Escrow Services

Using professionals who understand financial advisory practice transactions reduces the risk of fraud or non-payment by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both the buyer and seller are satisfied.

Seller Services

Whether you are just thinking about retirement or ready to sell your practice now, we can help. Our services span the planning to execution phases of succession. Do not go through the process alone – we will provide strategic advice for every step of the way.

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