Comprehensive Approach

With eMeeting and Financial Plan Production All Rolled Into One

With Total Advice you get everything you need for quality financial plan delivery from start to finish. We’ve designed our services to provide you with a turnkey, but still fully customizable solution to your financial planning and client meeting prep needs. The service is tiered based on number of plans and can be paired with additional services to further enhance the client experience.

A Streamlined Solution For Financial Plan Development and Delivery

Delivery High Quality Plans And Client Meetings

By bringing the best of our Client Meeting Prep service together with our Financial Plan Production, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution perfect for busy advisors. Save time and money without sacrificing quality or the client experience.

Total Advice Premium

Packages starting at $1,750 for a minimum of 25 plans and 240 preps per year

What We Do
  • Gather your preferences

  • Generate client facing and advisor facing presentation

  • Provide you with an advisor facing Themed-Meeting agenda

  • Create up to 4 eMeeting templates

  • Custom content*

  • Standard reports*

  • Personalized advisor agenda templated/filled with Ameriprise account

What You Get
  • eMeeting presentation suitable to your preferences

  • Themed Meeting Agenda

  • Personalized financial plans with recommendations

  • 1 hour Client Coordinator Meeting each week

Ready To See What Outsourcing Can Do For You?

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