Get The Right Things Done

With Our In-Depth Practice Assessment

Our In-Depth Practice Assessment identifies critical areas and issues to focus on and develop, as well as future opportunities for improvement. It serves as a road map, with us as your accountability partner, helping you and your practice achieve the most important goals and drive metrics that will truly move the needle.

Effective management and development of a financial practice looks at six key areas.

Vision & Foundation

Articulate your business objectives and goals allowing you to lead, communicate and develop an effective team that will support growth and success for your practice in the image of your mission, vision and values.

Team Management

Clear definition of roles and expectations for every team member as well as the implementation of systems to develop staff through delegation, training, and coaching.  This includes structured management, communication, accountability and performance reviews with the team.

Client Experience

Ensure there is a repeatable, effective and efficient system in place to provide the highest quality start-to-finish experience for every client from their first contact with your practice through regular service and follow up.

Marketing & Acquisition

Design, implement and use a structured marketing plan focused on replicating your ideal client and growing your practice through effective use of the 8 key marketing activities, partnership or practice purchase.

Business Management

Systematic, transparent tracking and accountability for all aspects of your practice such as tasks, employee performance, licensing, expenses and business metrics.

Continuity & Legacy

Ensure protection for your business, family and legacy in the event of catastrophe, transition, practice sale or retirement.

“We had an IDPA done for our practice and followed it up with ongoing practice management coaching. KMG provided us with a detailed report and an action plan for making improvements. Key Management is truly a full service company and we know that they can help us with all aspects of practice management and growth opportunities.”

-Terri Fischer

What You Get

  • Practice Valuation

    Our award-winning practice valuation conducted by seasoned M&A experts. Includes key industry benchmarks, client segmentation analysis, and our MaxVal PredictorTM tool.

  • Detailed Findings

    A written report detailing key findings garnered in each of the six key areas, following a thorough assessment of your practice.

  • Recommendations

    Written recommendations of what can do to improve in areas of weakness, along with clearly outlined priorities so you know exactly where to focus your efforts.

  • Consultation

    Findings are delivered in-person or virtually by our team of practice management experts, giving you the opportunity to ask questions so you walk away with a solid game plan and deep understanding of how your practice is performing.

Start Here

Pricing starts at $3,495 and is dependent on the number of team members involved in the interview process. To learn more about the In-Depth Practice Assessment and the actual cost for your practice, schedule a call below.