Ensure Your Practice Is Protected

With Our Turnkey Continuity Plans

You protect your clients’ assets every day. It is time to protect your own. Advisors, just like their clients, can fall victim to unexpected events such as death or disability. Our continuity planning solutions make it easy to protect your financial planning practice, and the security of your loved ones, regardless of whether you have a known successor or not.

Protect Your Clients, Staff, And Heirs From The Unexpected

We’ve helped hundreds of advisors protect their legacy. We provide easy to execute continuity planning and are there to help keep your plans on track at each step. The result is a solid, enforceable plan.

Continuity planning can include:

  • Understanding the value of your business
  • Identifying your succession team
  • Integrating business succession with your estate plan
  • Planning for the unexpected: Death, Disability, Divorce, or Departure

Our Process

Our streamlined process and partnerships with legal experts help to remove barriers and take the pain out of continuity planning. It starts with a complimentary, 30-minute consultation and ends with your peace of mind – knowing that all that you’ve worked hard to build for your clients and your heirs is protected.

Step 1
Easy Online Purchase

Take Action Today

Our simple online purchase allows you to stop procrastinating and start planning! Immediately after your purchase, you will receive simple-to-follow instructions for the data gathering process. A relationship manager is available to answer all your questions through the process.

Step 2
Simple Data Gathering

We Build Your Plan

We use the data provided to complete a business valuation for your practice. We then walk you through a step-by-step process to systematically plan for all possible unplanned circumstances that could impact you and your practice, including illness, death, and disability.

Step 3
Rest Easy. Your Plan Is In Place.

Your Legacy Is Protected

We provide you with an attorney-written continuity plan that thoroughly explains what will happen to your practice in the event of an unplanned absence. You, your heirs, your staff, and your clients will rest easy knowing that they are taken care of.

Two Options to Choose From

Specific Buyer Identified

Turnkey Continuity Plan

If you have already identified the party who will buy your practice upon your death or disability, then we can help you formalize the process with our Turnkey Continuity Plan. The terms for this arrangement are determined and documented ahead of time. As part of our Turnkey Continuity Plan, you receive a:

• Consultation with an M&A Expert
• Consultation with an Attorney
Business Valuation
• Continuity Agreement

Retail Price: $2,495

Partner Price*: $1,895

Specific Buyer NOT Identified

Turnkey Guardian Plan

If you know that you need a plan, but you do not know a specific buyer, we can still help protect your practice. Our Turnkey Guardian Plan makes arrangements for the handling, sale, and transition of your practice in the event of an unplanned exit. KMG handles the whole transition process so that your heirs receive payment. As part of our Turnkey Guardian Plan, you receive a:

• Consultation with an M&A Expert
Business Valuation
• Guardian Plan

Note that this service is only available to Ameriprise Advisors.

Price: $1,295

Have Questions?

Have questions about purchase terms or about the process for either plan? Contact us today and one of our team members will respond to you shortly.